Designing, building and maintaining cool rooms

Serving the cold storage industry, import / export industry, food industry and more …




What we do

BuiltCold Australia provides complete turnkey coolroom solutions using the latest technology to tailor reliable and high performance, industrial and commercial refrigeration systems that will sustain your business well into the future.

Our services include:

  • Comprehensive pre-project consultation to assess your needs
  • Custom design, engineering and construction of new coolrooms and refrigeration systems or extensions, refurbishmenst, upgrades, retro fits
  • Pre-purchase inspections and site assessment reports, including feasibility assessments, budget costing, project specifications, concept drawings, project schedules and tendering
  • Electrical works / power upgrades

In addition, BuiltCold Australia offers a wealth of knowledge relating to compliance with all the relevant Australian standards and building codes i.e. HACCP, SGS, Primesafe, ANZFA, etc. and can process building permit applications on your behalf if requested.

Industry applications

BuiltCold Australia can provide coolroom solutions to many industries, including:

  • Fresh produce growers, distributors or retailers
  • Hotels and restaurants
  • Food processors and manufacturers
  • Seafood and meat processing plants
  • Importers, exporters and distributors

Some of the clients we are proud to have assisted on various projects